As with mini ductless split systems, zoning is particularly helpful if your home or business has unique heating and cooling needs. Zoning is when your home or business has the ability to provide different temperatures to different parts of the structure. This type of control is very helpful in large homes with multiple stories, homes with finished basements, homes with rooms over a garage or a sun room. Each of these different options usually dictates that with the sun exposure, or lack thereof, that the temperature would be drastically different than the rest of the house. Your heater or air conditioner would have to work that much harder to create the desired temperature in those rooms which keeps your system working harder and longer than you may like. With zoning, you are able to fully control the heating and cooling in different areas. For multi-storied homes, you may want your living areas to be warmer while the bedrooms stay cooler. You may not want to heat or cool certain parts of your house during the day as no one is using those areas. Reasons for wanting zoning are as limitless as the different types of home that are available today.

The ways to zone your home is also highly varied. It greatly depends on your costs and benefits. You are obviously looking at zoning to save yourself some money. However, for some homes you may need to look at purchasing a whole other HVAC system. For others you will need to install different dampers. For other homes there will need to be additional ducting put in. The easiest time to look at zoning is while your home is still being built. However, we realize that is just not always an option. You often find out your heating and cooling problems while you are living in your home. Inland Valley Heating and Air Conditioning technicians are happy to come and help you make the best decision for your home and for your needs. We can work out a cost comparison of output and savings for you to find out whether zoning is a good fit for your family.