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Air Duct Sealing, Repair & Replacement

No one likes when something is leaking. It doesn’t really matter what. Leaking is just never a good thing. Whether if it is your hair gel escaping from its bottle, your water heater is dripping or your air ducts are full of holes – the answer is always the same. You have got to get that fixed! However, when it is hair gel or water it is a little easier to tell that you have a leak. When its air, that is a bit more of an enigma. So how do you know if you got a leak in your air ducts? If you rooms tend to be a bit stuffy and uncomfortable, you have high energy bills, or have an excessive amount of dust then you may have a leaking air duct problem. Luckily, our technicians are highly trained in telling if your home has air duct issues. And not only in diagnosing the problem, they are also experts in helping to fix the issue. So if it is time to replace, repair or provide maintenance, we can guarantee that we have a solution for what ails you and your air ducts.

With air ducts, you can run into multiple issues. Many air ducts are located in either attics or basements. Both of which are prone to extreme temperatures. In California, our attic spaces can easily reach upwards of 140º. And when your air ducts are surrounded by such temperatures it makes it very difficult to keep your cool air cool. Your poor system is cooling down the air, but then it gets heated up again in the ducts. You may want to consider getting your ducts sealed and insulated. Inland Valley Heating and Air Conditioning will come in and seal all of your ducts up with proper insulation so that your cool air is staying cool and your hot air is staying hot.